Introduction and Ethics

1. Don't hurt others
2. Protect those who cannot protect themselves
3. Strive to be better

My name is ephemeral. I currently go by Amanda on Twitter, and by NotAwful in most other places. It will change in the future but for now I am comfortable and have no plans to change that.

As of writing, I am a networking and telecom student studying information security on the side. I do not have much real-world experience but I am seeking it avidly and learning as much as I can until I get there. My primary interest in infosec is malware research and software reverse engineering, but before I get there I will likely be working within the realms of general IT. Expect me to post reviews and thoughts about things that I am learning in technology here.

I have played a lot of tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeon World, Shadowrun, and a few others. I have also played many video games. I think critically about game design and while you won't see me breaking down a source book for Dungeons and Dragons I will use them as examples for things that I talk about.

I opened with my ethics because you should understand that they shape how I interact with the world. Placing them first means they are the first thing you read and will stick in your mind as you wonder what they are. My ethics have more practiced nuance, but when telling others that's what I give them.

I am a feminist, I support queer culture, and I am sex positive. Consent is important in all aspects of human interaction, not just sex.

The infosec community has helped me. People have stepped forward to be a friend when I needed one. A couple have provided costly study materials for me to begin learning on my own. Some have contributed money when things began to go sideways. One of y'all FedExed me delicious cookies. Giving back and paying things forward are important to me. I remember each kindness offered and I am not without gratitude. When the time comes that I am in a position to pass on the same chances that I was offered I will do so without hesitation. That is a promise.

If you would like to discuss with me something that I have said you can hit me up on twitter or leave a comment. All conversations are predicated on the idea that we are there to listen first, and speak second. Should you leave a comment or contact me, keep that in mind.

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